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Alejandra Salvatierra, ilustradora.

Hello, I'm Alejandra Salvatierra, a freelance illustrator and cartoonist.

While I was born in Bolivia, my formative years were spent in the artistic landscapes of Italy. I proudly graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and embarked on my creative journey.

 I've lent my creative touch to a diverse array of projects, ranging from illustrating children's book covers and textbooks for Santillana, to collaborating with graphic design companies on commercial illustrations.

One of the aspects of illustration that resonates deeply with me is the craftsmanship involved in creating something unique and custom-made. This passion extends to my role as a university professor, where I share my experiences and knowledge with the next generation of artists.

In my free time, you'll find me tending to my urban garden and exploring the realm of self-sustainability by producing my own food. Nature serves as my constant muse, inspiring me to infuse my art with the beauty and simplicity found in the world around us.


La hermandad de los animales / Loqueleo / 2023

El reino escondido / Loqueleo / 2023

El valle secreto de condor / Loqueleo / 2023

Un mundo feo / Loqueleo / 2022

Sobre rieles / Loqueleo / 2021

Las Viñetas se dibujan en Femenino / Editorial con Altura / 2019

La Jaula de Vidrio /Publicación independiente / 2019

Ghost Stories / Formula Magica / 2019


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo / Santa Cruz, Bolivia/ 2023

Museo Altillo Beni/Santa Cruz, Bolivia/ 2023 

Casa Melchor Pinto/Santa Cruz, Bolivia/ 2022

Caf / La Paz, Bolivia / 2021

Casa Melchor Pinto / Santa Cruz, Bolivia / 2019

Centro Cultural Simón I. Patiño / Santa Cruz, Bolivia / 2018


WCS Bolivia, Devir Americas, AECID (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo),

Editorial Santillana, Editorial Loqueleo, Fernet Branca, Yanbal, CEDIB Bolivia...

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